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    Collection of Space Facts

    - via Physics-astronomy

    thecraftychemist: Chemical quote sources: Quote and chemical compound, background image

    Our entire composition comes from the cosmic dust of exploding stars. You are literally the stuff of stars...

    Activity in dendrites critical in memory formation - By Science Daily Why do we remember some things and not others? In a unique imaging study, two Northwestern University researchers have discovered how neurons in the brain might allow some experiences to be remembered while others are forgotten. It turns out, if you want to remember something about your environment, you better involve your dendrites.

    How neat is this!! I am so doing this when we study bugs!! :)


    Meteorite experiment. Sand, flour, and cocoa powder to represent rock and soil layers. Drop marbles or other objects into the bin.

    Hot ice, scientifically known as sodium acetate, is a liquid that will turn solid at the slightest provocation. Touching it with your finger, bumping it too hard, or speaking a few angry words will cause it to spring from a clear, water-like state into solid ice-like crystals.

    The largest Tesla coil in the world on a tower four storeys high that generates three million volts of electricity. The primeval artificial lightning it creates is a fitting tribute to Orr as it is his last major work, as well as standing in homage to the pioneer electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. Electrum by Eric Orr (for Len Lye) – 1997 – Tesla coil, stainless steel electrode on a fibreglass column support on a concrete base with tiled black granite 3 x 3 x 14m

    Layers of the Sun Image credit: NASA

    Calm under pressure: Gianotti is likely to need every atom of her legendary cool when she takes charge in 2016.

    PHD Comics: The Higgs Boson Re-Explained

    dark energy and dark matter

    How Swings Work - Sixty Symbols

    Michio Kaku on The Singularity

    Todos hemos sido estrellas, todos hemos sido luz, una sencilla y asombrosa explicación del universo 03/19/14 PHD comic: 'Cosmic Inflation Explained'

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    4th Dimension explained

    Higgs boson explained in 120 seconds - BBC Radio 4 - BBC News - YouTube

    If This Doesn't Blow Your Mind, Nothing Will

    String Theory

    string theory

    String Theory