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Things to do with dryer lint

Who knew? There are actually worthwhile things a person can do with dryer lint. And here I was, just chucking it and wondering if possibly it could go into the recycling bin. Repurposing dryer lint 1. Make clay out of it for the kids. You’ll need three cups of the stuff, torn into small piece. …
  • Jaime Wasser

    6 uses for dryer lint. Kind of gross but I like the planter idea.

  • Kimberley Christianson

    I have a nice collection of toilet rolls, paper towel and egg cartons to make my own fire starters for camping.. Oh ya and a grocery bag full of lint.

  • Kara Armitage

    Uses for dryer lint Use as a firestarter by putting it in a empty toilet paper roll and put under kindling Kind of gross but why not?!

  • Melanie Garell

    dryer lint makes great seed starter carpet

  • Shayna Harrison

    pack dryer lint into a toilet paper tube for a fire starter when you go camping. genius.

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