The Pyramids and the Constellation of Orion

#Space: wide-field image of WR25 & Tr16-244, an immense cauldron of gas & dust | @HUBBLE_space & @maximaxoo

Planetary alignment that will take place Dec 3, 2012 is dead-on alignment with the Pyramids at Giza. Night Sky in Giza, Egypt on December 3, 2012, local time … one hour before sunrise compared with the Pyramids at Giza. Image generated by Starry Night Pro (the same view of the planets can be obtained using any other astronomy program, e.g. Stellarium.

Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle

The Tadpole Galaxy or Sperm Galaxy! 420 million light years away!

One of my favorite past times is to look upon the night sky and try to find constellations. Its amazing to do it from different parts of the city of even different states. I love looking upon the stars in awe! They inspire me to learn more of the night sky. Constellations

The Big Dipper Enhanced. Moving the cursor over the image will bring up an annotated version. Clicking on the image will bring up the highest resolution version available.

Anunnaki space map. This 5000 year old clay tablet was discovered at Nineveh the capital of ancient Assyria. The tablet shows drawings of constellations and pictogram-based text known as cuneiform which was used by the Sumerians. How could the Sumerians have knowledge of the galaxy unless they had met beings capable of interstellar travel?

Remix Nebula

NASA Space Sounds

supermassive black hole swallowing star


kenobi-wan-obi: The Brown Ghoul: vdB 141 vdB 141 is a reflection nebula located in the constellation Cepheus. Sometimes referred to as the ghost nebula, its awkward name is its catalog number in Sidney van den Bergh’s catalog of reflection nebulae, published in 1966. Several stars are embedded in the nebula. Their light gives it a ghoulish brown color.

GJ 504b, a rose exoplanet discovered 57 light years from Earth

Science and Astronomy The Helix Nebula (NGC 7293) is a large planetary nebula located in the constellation Aquarius. The Helix Nebula’s estimated distance from earth is about 215 parsecs or 700 light-years.

The Horsehead and the Flame Nebulas in the constellation Orion

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Inside the Great Nebula in Orion

The Butterfly nebula, NGC 6302, lies about 4,000 light-years away in the constellation Scorpius.