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Haha - Beyonce better watch out.

And people wonder why I say I don't want to go to Australia!

I don't know what makes this so funny but it just is!

EASTER has the BEST CANDY of all the Holidays Sawyer & I had this conversation the other day at Target Love the Little Mini Egg Whoppers & Sawyer loves a Hollow Chocolate Bunny Yum!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 65 Pics

is this serious! hahaha never thought i would have to think about that terrible thing again!

This is what we should put in the office kitchen.

Love Colbert Report! No greater injustice than having to attend your safety school!

He has no one to blame but himself. He shouldn't be so delicious

Ok, can we talk about the fact he has the name of two of the Weasley brothers? XD