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  • Molly Marsh

    my dream come true

  • Jason Arizmendi

    People I Love / call me maybe...

  • Katie Ann

    Zac Efron! There is no maybe about it, u can give me ur number at any time of the day, & I will call

  • Natalie Price

    Yes please <3 oh my goodness of course I will call you you sexy beast

  • Raechel Broek

    Shooottt boy I'll call you up anytime ;)

  • Sharon James

    How am i suppose to call you if i don't have your number? It's okay is still love you:) #zacefron #carlyreajepsen

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Holy crap Zac cannot get any SEXIER!!!

Zac Efron protagonista de la película CUANDO TE ENCUENTRE.

Zac Efron. ok YES, i'm a little obsessed..

Zac Effron :) I would SOOOOO cast him as JAMES DEAN. He's the James Dean of this Century.

Oh my goodness... im lovin the endless summer, Wait, Zac, are you telling me you want to spend the endless summer with me? I guess I will :D

Describing Zac Efron (could apply to others... going to have this image in my mind alllll day!)

"You'd think he'd want to stay dry since he's died in the water twice already"

Reminds me of when we went to that Kenny Chesney concert at Soldiers Field... they were asking for trouble by asking us to finish our drinks before leaving the lot!!