Time to buy some property in the woods!

The Nicest Micro-Cabin $10,000 Can Buy

"Nido" - A tiny cabin space by the Finnish designer Robin Falck. This tiny cabin is fully functional at just under 100 square feet out in the middle of the woods. This small space features a micro-kitchen and upper sleep/storage space.

Thiết kế biệt thự 3 hiện đại cá tính 4 http://kientrucnhapho.com.vn/thiet-ke-biet-thu-dep

House Ber, in Midrand South Africa. Architecture by Nico van der Meulen Architects. Interior Design by M Square Lifestyle. Photography by Barend Roberts, Victoria Pilcher, and David Ross.

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27 Unique Quonset Hut Homes For Wonderful Living Atmosphere

Not a tree house but close to it: 15 Interesting and Unusual Houses to Live In, Baumhaus, Uslar , Germany

T Space,© Susan Wides

Gallery of T Space / Steven Holl Architects - 1

T Space,© Susan Wides


Les vieilles granges transformées en maisons lofts



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Really cool and cheap Pre-fab homes. Maybe it can be a good vacation home on a lake or something :)

Really cool and cheap Pre-fab homes. Maybe it can be a good vacation home on a lake or something :)

For the Home / Polyhedron....then when someone disturbs you..pull the door/deck up!

Backyard Playhouse in Bogota, Columbia. This small playhouse designed by Manuel Villa features a wood exterior echoing this distinctive silhouette with honeycomb panels, and a fully glazed facade that opens onto a teak deck.

Poppytalk: My Cool Shed

My Cool Shed

Mudgee Permanent Camping, Casey Brown Architects--Omygod I actually love this! This is such a beautiful, cute, cozy romantic idea! Perfect get-away

Southern Charm beautiful front. The second floor windows are my fave

MY DREAM TINY HOUSE :narrow house with backyard and pool. good idea to expand the space and have a great mix of traditional and modern! which is exactly my style!