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“If you don't like a book, you can close it. But you have no right to say I can't open it.” ― Coleen Murtagh Paratore, The Cupid Chronicles

Losing friends is a hard thing and especially if you were close. We need to understand that everything has its time and sometimes God puts certain people in your life for a short time.

But love doesn't control, and I suppose that's why it's the ultimate risk. In the end, we have to hope the person we're giving out heart to won't break it. Real love stories don't have dictators, they have participants." --Donald Miller//Scary Close-- #quote #love #truelove #romance

I love the edge...I love the view, you can see many things that are beautiful...when you open your eyes. The best feeling is when you can feel looks with your eyes closed, the awareness of the moment...that gets me every time.