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  • Will Landis

    A giant sequoia log, Sequoia National Park, California, undated, c1910. That's a big tree!

  • Brittany Campbell

    A giant sequoia log, Sequoia National Park, California, undated, c1910. Photography.

  • Mary Knepp

    Pinner wrote: "Family photo. Yes that's a TREE that they cut down BY HAND!!!! well saw but look at the saw!!! the guy on the ladder is holding the saw! Oh the good old days of real work and SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF!" Giant sequoia log, Sequoia National Park, California, c1910

  • Suzanne Bachraty

    WOW!!wow! by hand, yet A giant sequoia log, Sequoia National Park, California, undated, c1910. (via Historic American Engineering Record) edit: according to the gorgeous NatGeoFound -> “Loggers and the giant Mark Twain redwood cut down in California, 1892. Photograph by N.E. Beckwith”

  • Sterling Hadeen

    old logging photo #history

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