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    Delaware Delegation to Washington D.C. - 1867 Standing L-R: James McDaniel (Cherokee), Black Beaver (Delaware), Henry Tiblow (Interpreter), John G. Pratt (Indian Agent), Charles Armstrong (Delaware), John Young (Delaware) Sitting L-R: James Ketchum (Delaware), James Conner (Delaware), John Conner (Delaware), Charles Journeycake (Delaware), Isaac Journeycake (Delaware), John Sarcoxie Sr. (Delaware)

    A 1735 portrait of the Delaware chief Tishcohan, commissioned by William Penn's son John, and painted by the Swedish artist Gustavus Hesseli...

    Standing L-R: Unknown (Kichai), Awarhe (Pawnee), Black Beaver (Delaware), Kne-wa-ka-sets (Kichai) Sitting L-R: Long Horn (Delaware), Assadawa (Wichita), Possum (Delaware) - 1868

    1838 More than 15,000 Cherokee Indians are forced to march from Georgia to Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma. Approximately 4,000 die from starvation and disease along the “Trail of Tears.”

    Marie Steel - Black and Cherokee Indian - Conjure woman from Washington County Georgia - great grandmother of artist Inga Kimberly Brown - Note the cigar...

    Handsome Nanticoke Indian Eagle Dancer as eye candy for our #WomenWednesday

    Cherokee Indian

    Cherokee Tradition was to wear only a few feathers as a head dress, or a Porcupine Roach. The plains Native Americans/Indians made the long head dresses. According to the '' ♥

    I think this is interesting because the Holocaust is publicized so much but we tend to forget about how many were lost when the colonies were founded in American soil.

    Cherokee Indian Junaluska, credited with saving Andrew Jackson's life, then sent on the Trail of Tears 25 years later.

    Stand Watie, 1806-1871, Cherokee, was also known as Standhope Uwatie Degataga meaning "stand firm". He rose to the rank of brigadier general of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. He commanded the Confederate Indian Cavalry of the Army of the Trans-Mississippi, made up mostl of Cherokee, Muskogee and Seminole.

    Wolf Robe - 1895 Cherokee

    African American x Cherokee

    Cherokee Indian Warrior from Oklahoma, Wes Studi, was also a famous actor.

    Cherokee Indians value their family, however different from most situations, the women is under absolute control of everything. She holds her clans name, all the children belong to her, and the man must settle in her village after the marriage ceremony. The man is there to make children and provide meat for the family. As the husband’s ability to hunt exceeded the needs of his family, it is common that he is then allowed to have more than 1 wife.


    Cherokee Girl - Yeah, I know there are many who say they are, but aren't but I can honestly say that in some sense I am. My Great Grandmother was full Cherokee, unfortunately, I know only that her Maiden name was Thelma Archer and when she married my Great Grandfather it changed to Thelma Ross..... other than that, I only know that I share her facial traits.;'(

    black cherokee indians

    Cherokee Mother and Child---no date.

    cherokee. I think most traits we consider beautiful and sought after come from Native Americans