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  • Gretchen Michelle

    A Behavior Chart With Behavior Modification Techniques-- Great ideas and age appropriate strategies.

  • M Auer

    Morning Routine Cards for Kids :)

  • Erin Rus'l

    Kid’s Morning Routine Flash Cards {Free Printable} and a link to After School Routine Printable Poster as well

  • Parenting Informer

    After we came to an agreement about what was expected, we both signed each contract to show that we agreed to and would follow through on our commitment. The following are the basic behavior modification techniques I used that worked for me, and when I say behavior modification I originally thought it was only my kids’ behavior that needed modification but I soon realized I had behaviors that needed modifying as well.

  • Laura Harber

    ideas for a kids daily schedule

  • Margaret Brill

    Morning kid routine cards

  • Parenting Informer

    Getting Your Child Ready To Start School: Tips For School Readiness photo

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Looking for something similar to this.. routine cards/charts? Worried this one is too babyish for the 8 YO. #chores #charts #kids

With two children in school I need to have a plan. Routines, Charts, + Blessings

Free Printable Morning Flash Cards - help your non-readers or beginning readers use these chore reminders to help learn responsibility. =D

Kids Morning Routine Free Printable Flash Cards. Visuals to help kids be more responsible on their own.

Morning Routine checklist for the is it bad that my 10 year old could use this :P

Some printable morning and afterschool routine cards

Kids daily routine. I did this for my kids in the summer. It worked really well to give our summer days a little structure. I have not really done it in the school year. I don't think we need it as much.

Morning and Bedtime High 5 routines for kids- 1. bath & pj's 2. teeth & hair brushed 3. tidy up 4. hugs & kisses & anything to be shared 5. prayers

Good Morning Routine for Kids {Free Printable}

Morning Routine Chart | How Does She... I confess, I am NOT a morning person. I made one of these just last night and saw a difference this morning. No more telling my oldest "get your coat on" repeatedly. This morning I said, "Go look at your chart and see what you have to do next." I made ours slightly different ... will upload a photo, if I can.

Free printable morning routine cards...use magnetic knife bar for the kids.