turn a book into a clock

What an awesome idea...take a page from your favorite story, draw silhouettes of the characters over the words, and frame it. Easy and cheap!


Parent gift idea!

A bunch of easy & clever Mod Podge ideas for the house and gifts. Cathy and Steve used to have an HGTV show and have great ideas!

this looks like it could be an awesome DIY project.

Book Page Crafts ... http://savedbylovecreations.com/2012/04/50-things-to-make-from-old-books.html

Tea time clock - DIY idea

great for toys, books, socks, etc...

What a cool way to use a book! Wouldn't that be cool to hang up in your room?

Turn your kids' actual quotes into artwork. Awesome idea!

great idea for no sticking when painting. why have I never thought of this??

button clock

Turn souvenir pressed pennies into a unique bracelet-cute idea of your travels

wrap inner tubes in fabric for fun outdoor seating.


If you're a die-hard bookworm, then you probably cringe at the idea of throwing away old books — even if your bookshelf has reached maximum capacity. Here's a solution: upcycle them into things you want to keep around the house, like jewelry, furniture, and decor. You'll still get to keep your treasured book and make good use of it while you're at it. Read on for 21 suggestions on what you can do with your old books.

Photo lamp shade

DIY | Newspaper Art

This is the "no-sew" version of the book sling from Family Fun magazine.

old books into tags for crafting