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Model: Clara Zapffe | Photographer: Dennis Stenild ‘Stille Forårsdag’ for Eurowoman, March 2011

BOBS Bobs come in all forms; angled, modern, lobs, etc. The cut and styling options are endless. They key to pulling of the perfect bob is finding a look that complements your bone structure. If you have a more round face, then opt for a lob with side-swept bangs. If you have a longer neck and pronounced chin, then a modern bob with a blunt fringe will make your eyes pop!

That's what the back should look like... The weight-line is the perfect height and the perfect amount of blending between the top and bottom... (However, this is too short in front of the ears for my taste - also I'd like to see it thinned, layered and textured on top and in the front).

Photo:Fairchild Archive

Melissa Wheatley cute short hair for you! maybe a little longer on the sides?

pixie haircut make sure if you are going to get a pixie you also realize the cost in upkeep since it must be cut at least every six weeks to maintain style, also I also ask someone if I like their hair WHERE THEY HAD IT DONE AND BY WHOM, one more note make sure your hair is similar in texture, otherwise you may not get the cut you want.

I have another picture of this same girl already pinned. Love her cute hair and pink cheeks.

nice haircut mystery lady- perfect because it shows it with glasses toooo