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Chicken Marsala - Recipes, Dinner Ideas, Healthy Recipes & Food Guide

This was yummy & didn't use a stick of butter :) - Healthy chicken marsala

Easy and delicious chicken Marsala recipe ~use coconut or almond flour

Low-Fat Healthy Recipe For Chicken Marsala | Women's Health Magazine

Chicken Marsala: maybe make it Primal Friendly with Coconut flour??

Chicken Marsala-while at a convention in Nashville me & Mom had the best chicken marsala I have ever eaten, I have thought about it ever since, plan to try this recipe.

Recipe for Chicken Marsala - This creamy, comforting meal came together quicker than you would think after an exhausting bike ride on a Friday night.

Chicken marsala is a quick and tasty dish where the chicken is sauteed in a pan and then the Marsala, an Italian fortified wine, is used along with mushrooms to make a pan sauce to go with the chicken. Pan sauces are so easy to make and always full of flavour and this one is no different coming together in no time at all!

This Chicken Marsala recipe is easier than you think and may just become a regular feature in your repertoire.

Treat yourself to luxuriously flavorful homemade chicken Marsala.