new initials at the reception...

Bracelet for the big day - w/ new initials... I would love to receive (something like) this as a present from my husband on our wedding day!!

Love this for the day after the wedding, plane ride on the honeymoon. I just want one in general!


Put a piece of your wedding gown into a necklace for your daughter to wear on their wedding day for her "something old."

Initial Letter Dish Set

Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - A must have for any bride on her big day!

The Groom typed twenty things he loved about his Bride. She typed 20 things she loved about him and they displayed them at the reception...would be great to hang around the house afterward, too!

Great idea!

This is beautiful. It's a long exposure shot with sparklers All they had to do was stand there very still and someone else ran around them with a sparkler. it's like a fairy tale! This is really beautiful.

A letter from the maid of honor to groom. too cute (: WHOEVER MY MAID OF HONOR IS/ARE, PLEASE DO THIS. I WOULD LOVE YOU WAY PAST FOREVER.

Tara Keeley

I want a year long celebration so I can wear a different wedding dress everyday. Too many to choose!

Her old monogram stitched into her dress for her something blue! lord i love this idea

cute idea!

20 Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception.

gifts for mom


Sign for reception