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.rescue dog :)

20 Ecstatic Shelter Dogs On Their Way Home For The First Time guys this is so sweet I love dogs and I think it is worth your time to see how happy dogs are when they come back from a mistreated home I think people out there who are mistreating dogs to STOP right now and don't think about your feelings think of how that poor dog you are kicking right now feels too!!!

Primitive Sign Home Is Where Your Rescue Dog Is!


Rescuing a dog

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Rescued dog... Thank you

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Adopt a shelter dog! #rescue

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Thank you, Lord, for the people who rescue us.

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A dog named Oscar is a foster parent to two young children, seven-year-old Mbogo and six-year-old Wanjiku, who were abandoned by their mother. Oscar escorts the children to and from school, always protects them from harm and rescues the children whenever they get lost.