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URGENT! This lovable ole fella is "KANE" (very sweet guy) He was found in Canton, one has come for thr poor guy...please find it in your heart to give this wonderful sweetheart a chance at love, happiness & TLC for his remaining years that he deserves! Come down & meet him soon..he will be so happy to meet you! STARK COUNTY DOG WARDEN DEPT Canton, OHIO...Picked up as a stray on 3/15. More outside...

10 years on a chain. No blanket, toy, or bone. A dog's rescue story.

My owner is elderly and can no longer provide the care I need. I am 8 years old and am an outside dog, but I love to be with people. I do have an odd combination of hair so do require grooming. I like to go for walks.

Soldier trades cigarettes to rescue dog

Update 4/5: Sadly Adams is still waiting, waiting for his chance to find a family of his own to love, and he hopes they will love him as much. The only thing keeping this dog from being adopted, is his energy, his zest for outside, and playtime. ...

I HATE people who get a dog & leave them outside or chain them up. HATE HATE HATE. They should be treated like the animals they abuse, chained outside in all weather, no food or human contact.

I am Nadia, I am 3 years old. I came from a breeder. I was of no use to my breeder because I couldn't produce puppies. I wasn't fed very well and I lived outside all my life, til now. I came from Arkansas. I have a sister in the rescue with me as...

::A dying man's last wish, to see his dog. Something you'd see as a hospice nurse.:: I can believe.

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horse rescues blind dog

Rescued pitbull puppy helps 8 year old autistic boy I love positive pitbull stories!!

3 Million healthy and adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every year spay - neuter - adopt - be part of the solution. ... This is just an unacceptable number. People need to be educated about this and about adopting instead of buying.

After her 67-year-old human was stabbed in the head and neck, a loyal pit bull mix named Bella ran through traffic to find help. Bella found a Good Samaritan named Teri Lynne, led her back to her home, and saved her human's life.


Firefighters rescue grateful dog from storm in heartwarming photo

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