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Man rescues dog who spent 4 years chained up outside (PHOTOS) » DogHeirs | Where Dogs Are Family « Keywords: chained dog, Toronto, Canada


No One Wanted this 16 Year Old Dog at the Shelter. Then Something Beautiful Happened.

This 16 year-old dog was stuck in a shelter, but one kind family did him a kindness no other would do.

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A dying man’s last wish: To see his dog

::A dying man's last wish, to see his dog. Something you'd see as a hospice nurse.:: I can believe.

Rescued dog introduced to puppy for first time » DogHeirs | Where Dogs Are Family « Keywords: Jack Russell Terrier, Puppy


A Puppy In Need Walked Up To A Man At Work. What Followed Shattered My Heart.

A heartwarming story of how one person CAN make a difference in the world! Beautiful and sweet story about a family who rescues an elderly dog and fills his world with the love he so deserves. | #dog #love #rescue


Xena the Warrior Puppy, rescued from abuse, helps 8-year-old boy with autism

Rescued pitbull puppy helps 8 year old autistic boy I love positive pitbull stories!!

Mom, daughter, or any fur friends don't need to suffer from parasite infestation. Find out to safely protect them at: Siberian Husky, Siberian Huskies, Puppy, Husky Mom, Husky S, Baby, Beautiful Dogs

3 Million healthy and adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every year spay - neuter - adopt - be part of the solution.

Rex, the dog, found a dead kangaroo in the road. Amazingly, one of its joeys was alive in its mother’s pouch. Rex rescued the joey, took it home, and dropped it at his owner’s feet. The Guardian reports that this dog and baby kangaroo are now best friends

"I don't think any words are needed to describe the true beauty of the moment between rescuer and dog that is celebrated in this photo. Please share if you support rescue. (eldad hagar and bethany, photo by annie hart)"

"Ricky" was in three homes and about to be euthanized for high energy before being rescued and trained as a working dog. Now he sniffs out explosives. See? there's a place in the world for everyone.