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I'm done...I've never been so mind blown!

Some Very Small Epiphanies That Will Change Your Outlook On Everyday Life. some of these are hilarious! The one about the spider though o.

Connor O'Brien - Google+

Click through to see this animated (gif) optical illusion. Cover the middle and you go faster, cover the outside and you go slower.

Nope, nope. | 17 Things That Will Make You Immediately Say "Nope!"

17 Things That Will Make You Immediately Say "Nope!"

Bored of being in a dark room, she flips on the light, opens the door and bails. This particular episode takes place at We were startled out of bed by a…

Dicagif: Novos Gifs

I will be like this old lady when I get old too, knocking off kids' holographic headsets into the water

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Fake mirror prank using identical twins Well I know what Erin And I are doing

Even if you're having a perfectly rotten day today, here are a few things that you can probably be at least a little bit grateful for.

29 Ways Your Life Could Be A Million Times Worse

Funny pictures about Sticky floor prank. Oh, and cool pics about Sticky floor prank. Also, Sticky floor prank.

Get Ready For Your Pinterest Warm Up or Workout for those less addicted!  Monday Madness ~ Pictures That Will Make Your Monday Less Crappy

Scrolling a post like this takes some serious stamina. Love this scrolling stuff !

Ill have a Diet Coke. Hahaha!!

Sheldon Cooper asks for a Virgin Cuba Libre. Make it diet-The Big Bang Theory

taconazos! 4gifs:  Hello, Mr. floor mat [video]

This is really what happens to me when I wear heels.just standing one second and then the next Im down<<< same. I've got weak ankles so I avoid wearing heels except for on special occasions so this doesn't happen all the time.