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  • Deborah Clark Cuen Ponce

    Do you need Gods grace for today?

  • Sandra Cobb

    May God Smile on You Today!

  • BJ Riordan

    Teen to Adult, Learn the books of the Bible: A game for learning the books of the Bible called Before and After. Make a card for every book in the Bible (66). Shuffle them well. Hold up a card so everyone can see it, then say "Before," "After," or "Before AND After." Examples: 1. I hold up the Matthew card and say, "After", the class should respond, "Mark". The book that comes "After" Matthew. 2. I hold up the Romans card and say, "Before and After", the class should respond, "Acts and 1 Corinthians". The books that come "Before and After" Romans. Special Thanks to Jerri Fusch Sunday School and Children's Church Teacher, for sharing this great activity

  • Janice Cowan

    smile GOd loves you

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