how cool would this be?

I can't find a single thing on here that I don't want! Not even the water side! I hate tube slides but having my own one from my room would be awesome!

This is a great idea!!

awesome shower

Stairs with a slide / Alex Michaelis

Bath bowl

This would be awesome!

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

I love how open that layout is!

The kids would LOVE this!

I've always wanted a sprial slide in my dream home... This is perfect!

...Hammock for DAYS!

Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home ha!

Stairs to a breakfast nook.

If I ever own a wooden staircase, oh what an inspiration this will be!

Just looking at this gives me fantasies of having four kiddos running around in this one big room - which would never ever be this clean!