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The pentacle. I love that I repinned this from my LDS friend. (Jenni Brighton you rock!)

Pentacle Goddess Statue ... Raise Power. One side contains pentacle and Celtic knotwork designs. The other side shows steaming cauldron, triple moon, and triquetra. Above, the goddess embraces and guides the crescent moon and stars. Both images invite creativity and magical energy. A wonderful other wordly focus for meditation.

The field, the glen, the back garden...they become the magic circle and suddenly the world is alive with possibility.

Witch's Ladder knot spell; beware, this is a potent spell! I use this one a lot for constructive Magic; the kind that summons/creates.

The lights, they keep me safe. They always need to be present. If they aren't then I'm not safe. The darkness will come. It'll come and take me.