What Are You Afraid Of? - Martha Stewart Halloween - shattered glass cupcakes

Hallowe'en cupcakes: red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing, plus corn syrup "blood" and simple sugar syrup "glass" pieces!

So I Married an Ax Murderer Halloween Cupcakes

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Cookies & Cream Tombstone Cupcakes

Halloween cupcakes!!

Haunted House Party Spooky Stairwell Add fireproofed curtains, clusters of candles, and police tape to cordon off the stairs to the private rooms of the house. Manny says" pretty cool for those who have stairs. Not only a party, but for Halloween night. When you open the door vistors can see the creepy backdrop.

These ghosty marshmallows are a classic (and too cute).

Halloween Cupcake

great for halloween!

halloween cupcakes

halloween cupcakes

Vampire bite cupcakes for Halloween - awesome!


Halloween Cupcakes

Not sure about the cupcake recipe itself, but this is a cute decorating idea.

Ladies' Fingers Cookies - Martha Stewart Recipes

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