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    Yo, Violent Tantruming Whiners: Just Be the Damn Change!

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    • Loop21

      How to Stop Kids From Being Crying Babies: Tantrums may be affecting the quality of life for kids | Loop21

    • The Distracted Mom  / Nurse Mallon

      My Aspergers Child: Calming Techniques for Aspergers Children.... So my kids don't have aspergers but it's useful info for teachers and school nurses too!

    • Candi Cooper

      Stressed out?! Surfing TpT and the internet for hours, looking for teaching ideas?! STOP and have a chuckle!...

    • Becky H

      The Toddler Tantrum: Plan for Managing a Meltdown: 1. ANTICIPATE HALT: Tantrums happen because the thrower is hungry, agitated, lonely, or tired 2. KEEP CALM (as your child carries on…) Remember that outbursts are often about wanting to be cared for an affirmed. 3. WALK THE PATH OF EMPATHY In this pursuit of independence, it is important to offer your help as a choice.

    • Emelia Sam

      Life Upgrade Tip #203: Tantrums are pointless. Adults know that things don’t have to go your way all of the time.

    • Jasmine C.M.

      Ahh....calming techniques... My Aspergers Child: Calming Techniques for Aspergers Children

    • Marlen Vargas Del Razo

      As the Child goes through the Emotional years, the Child will automatically Learn more and more Deceptive Ways: they Know they have to Lie to their Parents, they Know when to Shut up, ‘When to be’/ ‘What to be’ and Multiple Personality Disorder is Created. But, it’s Not even yet recognized by our Psychologists, because only in the Situations where it becomes so-called Completely Dysfunctional and Bug the System is it called ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’. When Multiple Personality Disorder

    • Elizabeth Angstadt

      Toddler Tantrums: Managing a mini meltdown with anticipation, calmness and empathy

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