By Polish artist Amelia Haniszewska-Jastrz?bska,

Portrait of Belem 1928 by María Izquierdo...

amanda blake

Knox Salad Book 1958. No artist credit.

Irana Douer. a favorite artist from Argentina.


I'd look surprised too


kiki & Polly

Nocturne: Woodland - Kostadina Nacheva

by ashley #Phone Wallpaper|



watercolor painting

mark bradley: zebra


Shadow play.

Liza Hirst, Summer in France

Lisa Hurwitz is a master at blending simple lines and intense detail. Every one of her paintings captures something inside my heart. I bought this print for my son Caleb the week before delivering his baby sister. It reflects how I wasn't ready for him to not be my "baby" anymore, and I never wanted to let go. (For now, it hangs on my wall!)


Jug of Flowers Painting by @blackoutwell on Etsy #painting #art #jug |