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    Elephant painting, Baby Boy Nursery, Circus Nursery, Boys Nursery Art, Circus, Nursery Print, elephant art, blue nursery decor by inameliart on Etsy

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Heart it

Doddle 2

Awesome border sampler by Miriam Badyrka (The Doodler) - whether she meant to do that or not ;)

Rounds! Lots of free doodles for the color pencils...

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sometimes color is okay

Always did this with my boys then took turns coloring in the empty spaces - love it with patterns instead of just solid colors.

fabulous doodles

Flower doodles


flower doodle inspiration | art journaling #doodle


even if you can't draw or paint it's good for the soul to Doodle , Cut , Glitter , Color & Glue !!!

Beautiful colored zentangle doodles from HelloAngelCreativ... -- amazing both in color and design

How to draw & color a silly frog, step-by-step. (Right-click on image to print.) (art, kids, drawing lesson)

For my sisters again! doodling in color - I did this in grade school! Loved it then, why not now.

Drawing by @Ashour Hermez Elephant + Butterfly + Zebra

Face drawing practice - what a great idea!

Cute cat doodles - these are fun - I love them! Now I need a Cats in Art & Craft board asap. ;) Mo

Disappointed by your doodles, and wish you could draw better? Michael is here to show you a great way to practice shapes and improve your drawing skills.

Illustrating the Elements. Beautiful line art, doodle art, pen art. Great kids art project/inspiration by Nikki Farquharson.

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