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The number of FBI background checks per month for would-be gun owners typically increases during the holiday season, but December 2012 showed an unprecedented increase. (Chart by from FBI data)

Median Age of Home Buyers: 2001 – 2010 The majority of first-time homebuyers are in their early thirties. How old were you when you bought your first home?

The Supreme Court's Bailout of Red State Democrats

The Supreme Court's Bailout of Red State Democrats - The big defeat the Obama administration took in the Affordable Care Act litigation is that the Supreme Court made it much easier for states to opt out of the law's Medicaid provisions. And per the map above (via Sarah Kliff) an awful lot of states are going to opt out, at least initially.

American Cancer Society Hope Lodge facilities provide free accommodations for cancer patients and their families who must travel away from home for treatment. @MakingStrides is celebrating 20 years of saving lives! See how they lead the fight against #breastcancer at

The power of the political poster

After the Newtown massacre, the number of people applying for background checks skyrocketed. This chart shows the number of background checks requested over the last four years and the dates of some of the most devastating mass shootings. (Chart by from FBI data)


Nuuk in Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, Greenland - This post examines recent changes in ZIS updating the work of Box and Decker (2011). They noted an average decadal rate of loss of 14 square kilometers/year and the evolving terminus position in the first image below from Jason Box at Box and Decker (2011) also noted a potential advance in 2006-2007, that we will further explore here. The reduced sea ice in the region has exposed the ZIS terminus to increased open water in what…

Employees, Too, Want a Say on the Boss’s Pay

One year's compensation for Timothy Cook - Apple's CEO = 378 million, mostly in stock. Here you can compare that to the 49 other highest-paid CEOs, and at the bottom you can see what else that could have purchased.