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Understanding an Aries Woman

Hold on to your boot straps and get ready for the time of your life if you are going to date a female Aries. She is a fire sign, and belongs to a cardinal (leadership) quality, ruled by Mars. She is quite a power house!
  • Hot Sexy Donut !

    How to Get an Aries Man to Commit ? : Aries leads the way in the list of zodiac signs. People born between the 20th of March and 19th of April are considered to fall under this zodiac sign. Symbolized by the Ram and the zodiac element of Fire, an Aries man has some very distinct and unique characteristics indeed.

  • Sophia Pan

    Aries (♈) is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this sign between March 21 and April 19 each year. I was born on April 5. So I am a typical 'Arian'. Anyone else is also an Arian.

  • kibeom kim

    Aries Tapestry

  • Naoko

    Aries (astrology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Beth Mills Foster

    Aries (♈) - Zodiac Symbol: Ram, Duration (Tropical, Western): 20 March – 19 April (2012, UTC), Constellation: Aries, Zodiac Element: Fire, Zodiac Quality: Cardinal, Sign ruler: Mars, Detriment: Venus, Exaltation: Sun, Fall: Saturn

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Aries ~Aries Cardinal fire; ruled by Mars Willpower, impulsive, initiative, courage, energy, activity Often rushes headlong into things

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keep calm and Aries on.. makes sense to me.

An Aries is led by their emotions and passion for the things they love. They are always on the edge of their seat. They never really understand those that can be so nonchalant.