so stinking cute

Irish what a wonderful baby.

Little Boy and Husky Puppy Best Friends Sleeping Together - Adorable Little Pair

HAHA! Love this!

OMG!! Its Emma!! My big baby :) and yes all St. Bernard owners love it, or we wouldn't have them to begin with!

Push, please!

so pleased with himself.

Why Kids Need Dogs - so cute!

21 Dogs Who Don't Realize How Big They Are


*Great Dane-OH NO, he's HUGE!!! Stop being so mean!! *Chihuahua- you not so big and bad!!!How big a boy are you!!??

this is why I want big dogs - The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today: 22 Kids and Their Big Dogs

Love Great Danes


this happens

Great Dane puppy! i want one soo bad!

A day in the life of a vicious pitbull… PitBulls for life <3

Love Great Danes!

great danes!

so funny dog pic LMAO Funny Joke Pic!