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Houseboat Reflections of North America's Floating Homes... History architecture, and Lifestyles. By Ben Dennis and Betsy Case Published in 1977.

a house boat...If it looked like this complete with kayaks and ducky's out front, count me in.

one day will have this or a houseboat :) either will do

Houseboats of Dal Lake, the "Floating Palaces" | Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India

And what can be a more novel yet interesting way to leave your dreary and frantic life behind and rest in an exotic boat house, clad with all comforts, calm water flowing around, the swish and swirl of the cool breeze flowing across the windows and the most perfect picturesque beauty.

Until we have a house and a yacht, honey, we'll Kerala.

Kerala houseboat. I'll be on one this November! :)

houseboat or "Kettuvallam" on the backwaters of Kerala, India. "Beautifully fringed by the swaying coconut trees, the houseboat slowly floats over the backwaters, passing through rustic villages, terrific temples, exotic resorts, lush green paddy fields, scenic wonderments and panoramic sights that one can never forget." #India

Ahh, how I love Vietnam. This is a shot from the March 2012 Issue of Free People. Cannot WAIT to see all the images...

Ernakulam / India. By Anoop Negi @kneekick, SO HAPPY to have you back! Thank you for your returning week after week #PinUpLive