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  • Renee George

    Robyn Cummings Lady Things. Catch the rest of this spooky and comedic series! #art #portraits #photography

  • Fatma Yasin

    Photographer Robyn Cumming tackles issues of femininity head-on with her new series titled 'Lady Things.' The shoot features women's faces covered in things typically considered icons of femininity. The photographs are blunt, bold and intentionally over-the-top instilling a hilarious sarcasm while touching on an important issue. The human face contains a huge amount of a person's personal identity. By stripping these women of their identities and replacing it with "feminine" objects, Cummings boldly asks the viewer to reconsider social norms. Among the most ridiculous photos below are the woman covered in hair, in flowers and in doves. Did Cumming miss any stereotypical feminine icons? Let us know your ideas in the comments!

  • Martina


  • Sufana Wajed

    Petals Galore! Robyn Cumming art photography

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