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I love this idea. Have each teacher secretly sign "Oh, the Places You'll Go" from Pre-K to High School at the end of each year and give it to your child at graduation. Oh my!!! This is the best! I STILL love this book. My wonderful senior English teacher sat us down our last week and read this book to us! I'm pretty sure I've never felt more inspired and encouraged!

This would make a great shower gift with idea attached. Secretly have every teacher (from k to senior year.or just the high school years) sign this book, and give to your child as a surprise on their graduation.

This is a brilliant way to document your child at every birthday and half birthday! Kids grow and change so fast, this is something everyone will love to look back at and remember! She has attached the fabulous printable so all you have to do is print and interview!

End of year interview? A Day In My Life: Birthday Interview. I like that its simple questions, like the handprint too. And this idea could be used for all ages - NOT just kindergarten!

This is most meaningful graduation gift.  And it cost less than $20.  Have your child's teacher leave a little note each year and give the book to your child when they graduate.

Cheap Graduation Gift Idea: Signed Dr Suess Book

26 Incredibly Meaningful Gifts You Can Give Your Kids- Oh, the Places You'll Go signed every year by your child's teacher.

Kids Summer Fun and Activities - Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

Kids Summer Fun and Activities

60 days of Summer Fun w/ Printable Cards! to help make you summer extra fun with your kids! Printable cards available completed or blank, so you can customize your summer! Summer Fun Kids Summer fun ideas for kids

Doing this now but with a twist...  handprints on the first day of school beginning now (preschool) until they graduate.  How cool to ring them together and see how they grow!!  Will do the "kissing hands" though, great idea for the kids to carry with them...as long as they're not "too cool"!

Crissy's Crafts: Kissing Hand Keys This is a precious keepsake idea. Trace your child's hand at the beginning of every school year.

end of the school year project.

Seuss book end-of-school-year tradition for your child's graduation.one day Oh the Places You'll Go At the end of each year of school, have child's teacher write a note in the book and sign it. Give the book to the child when he graduates.

The "A" Graduation Jar Gift: Starting with their first report card put a dollar in the jar for every A they get and then when they graduate give it to them as a gift.

50+ Ideas for Graduation

Graduation gift idea, everytime your child gets an A, put a dollar in their jar. When they graduate High School give them the jar with all their "A Money". Seriously love this idea! Okay, Lily, Nana will get you a jar started when you start school.

cut up pull noodles. learning activities.. stacking, counting, colors, and more

Swim in OODLES of noodles with a Pool Noodle Bath Pit! Simple & frugal fun that lends itself to tons of learning activities. In summer, fill a kiddie pool with these!

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Great idea for a birthday photo every year. design one of these for each kid on their birthday till they're And then have them bound in a book for a graduation present.

Nest two vases and add crayons and flowers for the teacher, I've also seen this with beads, marbles, rice, etc.

Centerpiece- Nest two vases and add crayons and flowers for the teacher, I've also seen this with beads, marbles, rice, etc.

Having my kids teachers sign "Oh the Places You’ll Go", will give it to them at Graduation.  http://pinterest.com/pin/38843615506936138/ Wording: http://pinterest.com/pin/38843615506936138/

Having my kids teachers sign "Oh the Places You’ll Go", will give it to them at Graduation.

I have been searching for a site to do this for years!! Site to make Personalized board books. Awesome.

com--personalized board book. I've been looking for a company that makes personalized board books!

Save a dollar a day during senior year and give to grad during their graduation party!

Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift! carefully cut an opening in the back of an empty soda bottle, insert candy and money, then close and cover with scrapbook paper in the graduate’s school colors. Read more about this clever idea at Nancy’s Craft Spot.