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order of lab draw.... or just remember the Acronym Before (Blood cultures), Red (Red top), Light ( light blue top), Green (Green top), Light (LAvender), Go (Gray and/or Gold)

Correct Order of Blood Draws: blood culture, light blue, red, gold, dark green, light green, lavender, light yellow, grey.

Phlebotomy Abbreviations List - Plus click through for their interactive study tool! #phlebotomy

order of the draw | Blood Collection Order Of Draw ...

What does Hgb A1c and Blood Sugar mean? This is a great graph that summarizes this test that is often done at your Check up if you are over 16y/o or overweight. #charlottepediatricclinic

BD Vacutainer(R) LabNotes - LabNotes Tip: Order of Draw using BD Microtainer' Tubes Invert tubes.

The most amazing & thorough visual explanation of [Blood Flow Through the Heart] that I have ever seen.

heparin/coumadin - PTT/PT - how to remember which lab test corresponds with each medication***love this one! I've used it SO many times in school and on Kaplan exams!



Blood Sugar