order of lab draw.... or just remember the Acronym Before (Blood cultures), Red (Red top), Light ( light blue top), Green (Green top), Light (LAvender), Go (Gray and/or Gold)

Correct Order of Blood Draws: blood culture, light blue, red, gold, dark green, light green, lavender, light yellow, grey.

Blood Types Information

common ECG rythms

phlebotomy tubes tourniquet needle hub order of draw!

Correct order for blood draws.

Phlebotomy: How to Draw Blood With Venipuncture. If only every pt had veins like this it would be easy.

blood collection tubes chart | Order of draw |

Phlebotomy order of draw

order of the draw | Blood Collection Order Of Draw http://www.docstoc.com/docs/157674176 ...

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Phlebotomy Abbreviations List - Plus click through for their interactive study tool! #phlebotomy

Injections Study Guide - needle size, landmarks, medication amounts, route onsets ~ note blood transfusions require 18 gauge needle.

must memorize!

Components of blood

Lab values shorthand

heparin/coumadin - PTT/PT - how to remember which lab test corresponds with each medication***love this one! I've used it SO many times in school and on Kaplan exams!

Blood Sugar Mnemonic - So Handy!

Critical lab values...some of these are hard to remember!

This guy is amazing :) if you don't get ABG's after watching this... well... you just will! Its long, but worth it!