• WillowHawkAcres

    Veterinarian cake ----I think every new vet should have a cake like this for their graduation party. :)

  • Cheyanne

    Vet cake. Yes please!!!!

  • Lizzie Hansen

    Veterinarian cake @Erin Hiday this should be marks birthday cake!

  • Jeannie Comiskey

    Veterinarian cake ---- YESSSSSSSS. For when I graduate from vet school :) This is sorta awesome

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I want this when I graduate Vet School How funny is this, I actually know someone who could make something like this!

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Tell Me Where It Hurts - Dr. Nick Trout. I read this right after I received my acceptance into vet school, and it is an inspiring look into the life of a veterinarian.

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If I died & went straight to Hell, it would take me at least a week to realize I wasn't in vet school anymore.

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