How I feel when cramming for law school final exams

Law School; Where doing your best is never good enough.

On law school finals

Law School final exams....truth

Fimal exams in #college #highered #funny

Maybe it's law school or just how I think

law students living in it, and there're the families and the other half of a couple——we understand....

You try to clean yourself up and go to office hours for a few last tips, but EVERYONE HAS THE EXACT SAME IDEA and office hours become office minutes. | 29 Horrific Things That Happen Every Single Finals Week


There's no crying in law school! I'm always telling the kids there is no crying in baseball... This is fitting for me :)


Only in Law School

Law school finals

Law school finals...


How I Met Your Mother law school humor #Lawyered

hehehe!!!! Finals Week Funnies!!!!

Man, I feel that way every day.

When I look at a final exam for the first time.

Law school finals time

Pretty much...