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Exactly how I feel right now

Beautiful. I'm an older student and you better believe this is how I walk out of that last final. hahaha.

Considering I just got back from a midterm and an informative speech, I endorse this as fact 100%.

That single moment of glory when you realize you got just enough to pass...and you don't have to re-take the class! Yay!

Friday, April 17. 2015...that's a wrap...7 long years have finally come to a close! So excited to have achieved this step in my goals and, of course, beyond excited to relax for the first summer in years!

goes for any college exam :/

But when it comes to finals, everything is fair game. | 29 Final Exam Confessions That Will Make You Feel Incredibly Stressed All Over Again

Having just finished my exams...except in law school you have to remember it all for the bar!

By using ALL THREE learning channels (visual, auditory and kinesthetic), students are more likely to retain information in their long-term memory!