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3 Easy Dog Grooming Tips from a Vet Tech

These dogs who understand the true meaning of friendship.

Dog Owners Will Understand

Being a mother…I love this! I was not blessed with children of my own, but I do have two fur babies, whom I treat as my children and love with all my heart...and they love me back...unconditionally.

6 x 10 dog house - This would be amazing.

Dog bed so they can dig around in the blankets and get comfy. What an awesome idea!

Golden Retriever Puppy knows his limit.-- this is exactly like my shih tzu. This is why we don't take long walks...

Making your own treat for your pup - Doggie Fro Yo. Perfect for the hot weather we are starting to get already!

Dog Organization Organization by the Ocean: Doggie Station!!! as much as I hate to say it and sorta compare kids to dogs, you could also reword some of the draws and organize kids' toys and their other stufff....

Dog DIY: How to Make Homemade Pill Pockets for Pets [makes it easier to give your dog pills]

It's called the "teddy bear dog." Half shih-tzu and half bichon frise. PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!

Very true for me :)

A must for Ignatius!

Pure joy

Just in time for spring: a DIY idea for dirty dog paws! Illustrated by Natalya Zahn for

Old Dog Haven Holiday Fund Drive - Hello Friends, WELCOME to my Old Dog Haven Holiday Donation page! This is the time of year when we go out of our way to bring joy into each other’s lives. We buy gifts, share our homes, and enjoy the company of others.

let's go! #boxer #love

dog training. GSD are 3rd easiest dogs to train. I agree they are very easy to train.

Australian Shepherd - Cash at 14 months old

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dog potty training tips

English Bulldog puppy.....I could just completely smother this puppy in kisses, kisses and more kisses.

Puppy Training Tips

Stylish Dog Kennel: A built-in, chain-link kennel outfitted with two dog beds provides the perfect indoor shelter for your furry friends. Cabinets and cubbies store pet food and other supplies. So much better...can be pretty big depending on where it's built. I hate when people stick their dogs into kennels that are barely bigger than they are! So mean.

Pupsicles, I want to remember this when summer finally comes around