WOW! peacock eyes!

18 Amazing Eye Makeup Tutorials | @Cyndi Price Haynes Green


Best Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes: Purple and Blue

Colorful peacock eye makeup

Peachy gold shadow, teal shadow under the eye


Jangsara has the best inspiration for amazing eye makeup looks on her blog!!! I will be trying these looks on someone soon!!! Or even better myself!!! glam-eyes-101

✤❤️➳ Pinterest: @greatgrace99

All shades of bronze & rich brown colors enhance green & hazel eyes so beautifully!

Sleek Makeup for Green Eyes

Want to try this makeup

I wish it were socially acceptable to wear make up like this every day :)

so pretty!

Makeup for Green Eyes

Eye Makeup - dramatic

pretty pink eye makeup I like how the white makes the eye pop, it's make up artists trick. Love this look.

Amazing look... I would love to do it, but don't think i can.