RIP Dick Clark

Sad face.

I'm dying

i died

too funny

so funny....

God donut! hahah


oh snap. ..... though i still love me some gaga. :)

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Oh my gosh.

Funny Pictures – 38 Pics...ha ha ha...the girl in red is his twin...too funny!!

This is how stress is handled at my house, too! "Life's not fair," "Live with it," "Get over it," "Life happens," and "Sorry, it's not your day." ;) (15 Cute and Funny Kids' Notes | Little White LionLittle White Lion)

Too funny!


dad is dead. you're next. love, moth

If Both Of Angelina's Legs Were Showing

And finally, this fundamental truth. | 31 Photos That You'll Never Be Able To Unsee

Yep.....Looks about right! lol 17 Hilarious Pinterest Fails. Seriously the funniest pin ever!!!