Tardis coffee! This is the way I want all my coffee's from now on.

Doctor Who TARDIS Bookcase DIY. Love this idea, because reading takes you to new universes and on new adventures. And so does the Tardis! I just had a little nerd moment right there!

Dr. Who Timeline

So much awesome!

Doctor Who cocktail ideas.

Rose and the Doctor.

Get the flip out of my flipping TARDIS!! Flippty hi, flippity bye!!!

doctor who watch

Tardis, Doctor Who Quote the episode the Doctor said it in made me cry😭

I want these, and I don't even drink tea.

buenos tardis

TARDIS and Ten profile. Doctor Who.

You can get a personalized mug. With your name. In Gallifreyan. And it GLOWS IN THE DARK. Oh, and it's under $20.

Doctor Who and Harry Potter <3

Travel by TARDIS

Doctor Who

Watching Doctor Who, Doctor Who Style! -- Can I have this and use it as a closet/dresser when I move?pretty please?!?!

I should be in shape in no time ;-)

Doctor Who Tardis Tank....NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED...Sorry i'm getting a little carried away......NEEEEEEEED..There we go.

Team Tardis