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Black is the absence of light and absorption of color. It is mysterious, secretive, independent, magical and strong. Black can signify sophistication, power and elegance. On another note, black is also associated with mourning, violence and evil. Too much black can cause depression and create a negative environment.

Black & Gold #Chanel Watch--Black is in style this season, whether it's the color of your shirt, coat, shoes or accessories.

Whoever goes to the Night Circus must love black because it's only open at night

Swan lake in #Black

Is your favorite color black? Read what your favorite color might reveal about your personality. #paint #color

Vestidos de fiesta con sensuales espaldas al aire

Holiday look| All black

Silver correlates to the moon and the movement of the tides. It is fluid, mysterious and has a feminine energy. It gives way to the future, cleansing both physical and mental congestion. Silver is prestigious and is associated with wealth, glamour and elegance. It can be techie, modern or refined depending on its usage.

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Scarf + Black