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French Theorist: René Girard A brief note on the life and works of a seminal philosopher, historian, and literary critic.

René Girard 1985 #scapegoat #mimetic #Girard

René Girard & structures of organized religion. Shake well, be surprised. #scapegoat #mimetic #Girard

René Girard: Stanford's provocative immortel is a one-man institution

René Girard lives a sequestered life in the academic burrows of Stanford, but his influence abroad is seismic. Even French President Nicolas Sarkozy cites his writings.

Hans Achterhuis #scapegoat #mimetic #Girard

11 march 1938 #scapegoat #mimetic #Girard

Philosophy Professor William Newell has authored a book, "Desire in Rene Girard and Jesus," published by Lexington Books. Lexington said Newell's book "presents a comprehensive analysis of Rene Girard's work on the origins of culture and the depths of human desires. Newell challenges Girard's interpretation of Jesus's Passion as non-sacrificial, and offers a close reading of Girard's works on mimetic desire, scapegoating and sacrifice."

René Girard and Creative Mimesis (Paperback)