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New fangled technology reaches the bookshop.

New fangled technology reaches the bookshop.

"62 of the World's Most Beautiful Libraries," from mentalfloss.com. Some of these libraries are so amazing that you might spend all your time looking at the library itself and not the books in it!

62 of the World's Most Beautiful Libraries

Morgan Library, USA Constructed in this amazing New York landmark was originally built as the personal library and museum space for financier Pierpont Morgan’s impressive collection of rare books, manuscripts, drawings, artifacts and prints.

Cool sign for a home library or bookshelf.

Books Framed Giclee Print - With a vintage-inspired sign motif, this lovely framed giclee print offers a touch of antiqued appeal for your living room or library.

famous libraries:  1) The Queen's College Library at Oxford in England  2) Klementinum Library in Prague  3) The Abbey Library of Saint Gall in Switzerland  4) Trinity College Library in Dublin

Reading is cool.

Awesome libraries are awesome! Awesome libraries are awesome! Awesome libraries are awesome!

Amazing blue library. This is where I live in in mind.. Oh it's beautiful!

Sliding ladder just like in Beauty and the Beast, and a beautiful wooden spiral staircase! What a gorgeous library! A romantic Library!

ancient library

In the library and one of the workers didnt want to move to allow a great shot so i ended up with this lucky shot of the library with what looks like a ghostly figure coming from near the window where light had leaked onto my composition.

Cozy libraries with fireplaces that would keep you warm all winter long.

14 Cozy Library Fireplaces We'd Love to Come Home To

14 home library ideas, including this stunning fireplace inspiration in a grand home study.

Roberto Prergalli's home *  Tangeir

Roberto Prergalli's home * Tangeir

This is the library of the Biltmore House, built by George Washington Vanderbilt II. It is the largest privately owned home in the United States with 135,000 square feet and 250 rooms.

Libraries of the Rich and Famous

I love old libraries, everyone of my senses are on alert - the sounds of quiet, the sights, the smells, the feel of the book, the page, the parchment, the taste in the air. If you don't know what I speak of, then you have not experienced a bit of heaven on Earth

This single room of the library was as large as our whole house in the city had been, and I could see more book-filled rooms through open doors in all directions, including a balcony overhead, all built from floor to high ceiling with bookshelves.

Even thought the relevancy of physical books (and the space to store them) is diminishing, this is a beautiful library.

Как оформить библиотеку: советы Евгения Полянцева

I would love to get lost in this library daily.National Library, Vienna, Austria (doesn't it look like the library in beauty and the beast?

18 home libraries to check out for decorating inspiration, including this industrial stunner.

18 Incredible Home Libraries That Will Blow Your Mind

I'd like a nosey through here; shelving                                                                                                                                                      More

Bookends: My Dream Library

By biggest dream in life is to have a library in a tall enough room to require a rolling ladder. The library would be winter themed with fur rugs and blankets everywhere and one awesome lantern in the middle to read by.