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Todd Oldham’s "Kid Made Modern" art supplies (available at Target) - Fun gifts for creative tots and adults alike.

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This piece could inspire dozens of new ideas. It could be a classroom project or a travel journal piece or an ongoing journal of your children's drawings of houses that are eventually put into a book or collaged onto a large artwork like this one.


I will finally learn how to draw a nose. No more upside down U's for noses! How to draw a nose from the Front Start out by drawing a head as an oval. Divide the oval into halves and quarters as you see here. The nose.

hand drawn wallpaper...another awesome post by @Daniel Oropeza Rebón

Shobo Shobo

another awesome post by Oropeza Rebón

It Takes a Village Collage - made one for our preschool's silent auction it was a huge hit!

"This is a collaboration piece. I pre-cut I collected all the buildings and created a childlike background. The background was done on two pieces of pastel paper and colored on top of with oil pastel. I cut and colored trees and shrubs.

Ernst Fuchs, lithograph

Ernst Fuchs, lithograph

Sharpies on cheap craft paper. by elva

Sharpie marker on butcher paper, or craft paper, or wax paper looks like stained glass. Must be sharpie markers!