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PAHAHA! Fresh prince.

that awkward moment when you read this and the fresh prince theme song starts playing in ur head.


Why do we feel safe under blankets? It's not like a murderer will come in thinking "I'm gonna kill- ahh damn! She's under a blanket.

I'd do that!

Funny things to do in an elevator.don't know that I could ever do this but it's funny


Funny christmas quotes - what are your wishes this year? For more funny quotes visit www.

Not so funny...just thought it was good enough to repost.  Wake up people!

All you doomsday people, your bubble is about to burst.-funny if this is true

wow. Now I cannot ever stop seeing that

I didn't before, but now I can't see anything else, damn it! Some things you just can't unsee!

Parenting tip.

Please Pass Me That Parenting Handbook I Need To Smack My Kid With It funny quotes quote kids jokes parents lol funny quote funny quotes children funny sayings parenting humor


Funny T Shirt of the Day: An Apple a Day Will Keep Anyone Away If Thrown Hard Enough Tshirt by Snorg Tees.

always keep several get well cards

Today’s Housekeeping Tip: Keep strategically placed get well cards on your mantel… Too funny. and a great idea'

Disney face-swaps.... disturbingly funny for when you're having a bad day... Just because you have photoshop doesn't mean you should use it

Hilarious collection of Disney faceswaps

Funny pictures about Disney Face Swaps. Oh, and cool pics about Disney Face Swaps. Also, Disney Face Swaps photos.

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Free and Funny Thanks Ecard: A kid asked me why I cuss so much. I told him to shut the fuck up.