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Google’s Project Glass will be more annoying than bluetooth (until it’s accepted and mass-delivered).

It’s not a secret we love robots here at BLR, so we wanted them to be the heroes in our latest promo clip. Luxury cars with powerful engines to drive through roads under severe speed restrictions, cable TV that allows us to pay to watch all kind of sports, all from our comfortable sofa, and of course, hyper expensive cell phones that do almost everything but making a decent phone call. Yes, our happiness is based on things we don’t need and governed by entities we don’t con…

Experiments performed with a team of nano quadrotors at the GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania. Vehicles developed by KMel Robotics.

Mercedes covered one of their new fuel cell cars in LEDs and used James Bondisms to render it "invisible"


StillFly: the newest weapon in the fight against illegal waste dumping

Awesome Y6 StillFly drone


Tiny Robotic Bee Assembles Itself Like Pop-Up Book

Harvard University engineers have come up with a production technique inspired by pop-up books and origami that allows tiny robots to be mass-produced in sheets. The Harvard Monolithic Bee (or Mobee), for example, turns from a flat shape into a 2.4-millimetre-tall robot in just one movement. The folding process takes less than a second.