A dot-lined circle tattooed on the shoulder of a girl, donde by the tattoo artist Manuel Winkler at Clockwork Tattoos Studio.

leg tattoos.

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in rain

Under my Umbrella. Wrist tattoo of girl and rain under umbrella. I love this but it's kind of pessimistic.

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So glad to be back into my shadows project, this one is of some wild grasses and dropseed found by a river. thanks Courtney! So much fun Artista Tatuador: Tedd Hucks


“Geometric” is a broad term referring to any tattoo whose design is structured around basic mathematical shapes and/or equations. Geometric tattoos use geometric shapes and lines to create the desired tattoo, heavily relying on basic geometric rules.

Dot Art Mandala - I could use this to show how two different styles are can be used together.

Bildergebnis für tattoo girl band

Bildergebnis für tattoo girl band

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Just found the artist who's doing my next tattoo. - Linework Engraving Etching Tattoo by Lisa Orth

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The Calf Sleeve Tattoo by Ivan Hack is an amazing mix of dotwork and geometry tattoo techniques covering the whole calf and shin till the knee.

Colored tattoos might be cool, but black and white line designs are all the rage these days. Okan Uckun is one of the masters of putting that black ink in your skin. Dot and geometric shapes ...

Geometric Tattoos That Combine Fine Lines And Nature

nature tattoos - Okan Uckun is a unique tattoo artist that incorporates simple black lines and dots with complex nature tattoos.