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The Epiphyllum Garden: Nopalxochia phyllanthoides ("Deutsche Kaiserin" or "Giant Empress")

For autumn color, chrysanthemums are showstoppers.

For autumn color, chrysanthemums are showstoppers. They're the first choice of proud moms for homecoming corsages; their exquisite forms draw thousands to flower shows; and in the fall, they dominate prime counter space at garden centers.

Passion Hydrangea

Passion Hydrangea - Hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful flowers. Inflorescence in the genus Hydrangea comes in groups. Hydrangea has long been a popular flowering shrub. The flowers are considered by many as Grandmother's old-time flower.

Love the Amaryllis blooms !!

Love the Amaryllis blooms !

Pink waterlilies in the water garden

Even though Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Groundhog Day, I'm still thinking spring! So I dug up some photos of pink waterlilies and lo.

My favorite Amaryllis color.  Spring of 2016

My favorite Amaryllis color.