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hahahaha @Darcy Cruikshank I think this was made for me? My favorite song and.....SQUIRREL

My face every time Now that's funny #minions Says ME! Key west DJ Michael Eric Berrios DJMC


When I receive a compliment…

Pretty much

I normally dont find these funny... but Im not gonna lie... I actually giggled at this one... idk why...


Stoner Dog

What dogs think about...

First I laughed brcaused it is totaly true. then I laughd again because of what the person before me said "POP ROCKS! Hahaha"

All the time. And everyone's laughing but you. So you laugh halfheartedly and people stare at you like you're weird. ALL THE TIME.


So call me maybe!

This is sadly so true. No control when Call Me Maybe comes on. Haha me and my friends there