• Shannon Harker

    "These illustrations are from an atlas of twenty plates that constitutes one volume of 'Histoire Physique, Politique et Naturelle de l'ile de Cuba' (1838-1857), online via the Biodiversity Heritage Library. " @bibliodyssey

  • Charlyne Evans

    cuban butterflies

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Giant leopard moth.. Austin, Texas, U.S (by nikkorsnapper on Flickr)

Oakworm moths.

What gorgeous moth is this?

Banded tussock moth


African Crimson Specked Moth

A little bowl containing orange slices attracts butterflies in droves, who knew?

Nabokov's drawing of a heavily spotted Melissa Blue, overlaid with the scale-row classification system he developed for mapping individual markings. Image via The New York Public Library.

Papillons 1 - Larousse universel - 1922

Sunset Moth ~ EXQUISITE!!!


tumblr_m42824VY641qc2yhso1_250.jpg (250×301)

Blue, blue and more blue.

Tosena Splendida

lily moth

Neat Moths

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vintage fabric MONARCH moth upholstery (not for sale)

Indonesian owl moth (Brahmaea hearsyi).

cuban butterflies

The Scribbler Cladara atroliturata

Comstock’s Sallow Feralia comstocki

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