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maybe it's because i've been scrolling through craft fail for awhile, but this had tears running down my face!

I'm sure this is how a lot of crafts end up when seen and tried from Pinterest. Hilarious.

Why people need patience to make things... I laughed so hard. Sometimes I feel like that, right until I toss it out and start again. A great way to begin the week!

OH my god...this is so me. Anytime I try something crafty or cute cooking I see on Pinterest, it ends up looking like an epic fail.

waffle-iron-cookies-nailed-it this is a really funny site with a bunch of pinterst crafts gone wrong.

Ruffly t-shirt scarf... fail (but more importantly, Pinterest Party?? Can I be invited?) #craftfail

Nailed it. More instructions (cut very thin, up to 3 hrs, 225 deg., check & flip every 30 mins, place in muffin pan before too dry, and leave in off oven for a bit longer)

This reminds me of the time I was baking a cake for my son's birthday at 2 am while crying over it and trying to spell out happy birthday by hand with icing in a zip lock bag