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easy hair elastic

DIY button hair ties,,, Also if you find a big enough button you could make curtain tie back's.

button + elastic packaging

Button and elastic. I like the idea of fabric covered buttons with the elastic you use in sewing. Neat idea for small gift packages!

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29 Of The BEST Crafts & Activities For Kids (Parents love these, too!) DIY Ribbon Bookmarks (ribbon, hairbands, and buttons!) -- 29 creative crafts for kids that adults will actually enjoy doing, too!

DIY Pipe Cleaner Rose Hair Ties by beryl

DIY Pipe Cleaner Rose Hair Ties - could be made into pencil toppers.

CTC(Minerva) Step 3: Annotate the characters actions and behaviors.-In the text it says,"She picked it up, turned it around, and then set it back down in my palm. 'I don't want your charity.' I felt a tightness in my chest. 'It's just a friendship button'(Alvarez 14)." This shows Minerva noticing she is poor and tries to give her a button as a gift which shows she is considerate.

Wire-wrapping Tutorial: How to Wire Wrap Buttons to Make an Easy Pendant

Este enfoque es que los niños Fan yo muy singular, pero de aspecto salvaje, tridimensional y simple ~

This section approach is very unique, wild yet engaging, three-dimensional and simple, very Korean Fan children yo ~

DIY: Glitter Bobby Pins DIY Hair Accessories DIY Hair Pins

Add a little sparkle to your updo's with this DIY Glitter Bobby Pin tutorial! (Elmers glue + glitter on wax paper, back with fabric and hot glue to Bobby pin!

How to make a loopy bow  Only use the smaller ribbons for smaller bow

Tutorial: The Loopy Hair Bow