Lewiston High School Ceramics. Rubric. Jody Dube

This is a two page Art Critique set that helps to breakdown the sometimes overwhelming process of critiquing artwork. It includes a worksheet that students can complete to critique a piece of artwork in a broken down, more understandable way. The second page is a set of 'crit cards' students can use to help guide a more formal, descriptive art critique writing.

The Art of Organization: High School Organizers

Ohhhh this is definitely a printable poster for the art room!

A Sample SLO for Art Teachers

Artist Statement Sign

AWESOME clay resource - units on pinch, slab, coil with whole lesson plans, student examples, PDFs, and online PPTs.

A ceramics rubric - a bit more specificity here. I especially like that cleaning is part of the grade...

The Science Behind Art Therapy and Alzheimer’s: Why Art Therapy is Good for the Brain

This rubric is very generic so that it can be used with any unit or lesson. It is based on a 5-1 point system in three cateregories, craftsmanship,...

Art Rubric

Common Core & Arts Integration Assessment Rubric from PARCC

IPad resources for the classroom

How to Be a Highly Effective Art Teacher

art rubric

Rubric for k-2 and 3-5


include these in critique, self-reflection and artist statements.


The teachers can submit their art work to PosterBrain to create a huge, amazing quality print of their work to hang in your classroom. As an EA I would use this brain poster to help teach vocabulary for ESL or ELL students, where they will be able to create the words they learnt and print them out , and keep them in class to be paste on the wall for reference or take it home.