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  • Tatiana Gorsky Kotar

    bubble wrap hop scotch - hilarious idea!

  • Wendy Huber

    Indoor recess idea if you don't mind the noise from the bubble wrap while there are still bubbles! bubblewrap hopscotch

  • Bev Ficocelli Majewski

    Bubble Wrap Hopscotch - Best Idea Ever. Gross motor skills

  • Julia Fehr

    Here are some fun indoor games to keep kids busy during rainy days in the spring. We love this idea for bubble wrap hopscotch! #HealthyLiving #FamilyFun #PhysicalActivity via@babble

  • Katie Laughlin

    A GREAT INDOOR Game on those Rainy days! bubble wrap hopscotch, fun kids game! great way to practice numbers

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Holiday Family Activity Idea, Day 31: Create and share your New Years' Resolutions with your family. Setting goals and sharing those goals with others is a great way to ensure completion of the goal and help motivate your child for success

Holiday Family Activity Idea, Day 30: Go to the playground or ball field. Many parks have playgrounds and some schools allow the public to go on their playgrounds and ball fields after hours. Take the whole family along!

Holiday Family Activity Idea, Day 29: Have a picnic. If it isn't too cold, take a blanket and have a picnic outside, even if you just go in the back yard. Kids will like doing something unique and different. Pack sandwiches, fruit, veggies, granola bars and other healthy items.

Holiday Family Activity Idea, Day 28: Paint some pumpkins. Halloween is over, but squash is still in season! Head to your local farmers market and pic up some squash and put paint, stickers, glue, glitter, etc. on it. Great fun and great home decor!

Holiday Family Activity Idea, Day 27: Family sports. Getting outside and moving around with your family is a great way to relax, burn energy, and get your mind and body feeling good and at its optimal performance. Play basketball or football. Not a fan of sports? Use things around the house/yard to make an obstacle course or play freeze tag. Make up your own games!

Holiday Family Activity Idea, Day 26: Make a time capsule. Put things from this holiday, homemade placemats, centerpiece, ornament, photos, etc. in a box. Asks all your guests to write little notes to put in it. Don't open the box till the next holiday season!

Holiday Family Activity Idea, Day 25: Wrapping paper art. What to do with all that wrapping paper? Use it to create a festive collage/piece of art. Art is everywhere and can be created out of anything. Have an old box? Paper? Try ripping up wrapping paper and gluing it down to create a fun collage. See what else is around to make this collage truly unique.

Holiday Family Activity Idea, Day 24: Have a picture party. Get a few disposable cameras and encourage guests, including kids, to take pictures throughout the day. Get them developed and see what memories were captured!

Holiday Family Activity Idea, Day 23: Make a holiday dinner centerpiece. Creating a holiday centerpiece is a way to get kids involved in the traditions of the holiday season. Creating art stimulates our minds to increase fine motor skills, creative thinking, and attention/focus. Art also reduces anxiety, depression, and increases our self esteem. Get materials like baskets, plastic flowers, paper, etc. at a local arts or dollar store. Add a bit of glitter or sparkle for an extra kick!