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The 9/11 Encyclopedia


Excellent pictograph of Arianna Huffington 12 steps to Thrive (thanks to Mindvalley Academy) My fav is Step 11: Make a personal connection to people you might normally take for granted. This will make you feel more alive and reconnected." And who is the most relevant person? Ourself first (like the air mask in the airplane safety demo). Paul

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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Great checklist: Here are 13 Things Mentally Strong People DO (vs what others Don’t Do). Paul

Today is Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day for the six million Jews killed by the Nazis. Here is Oprah's special interview of Elie Weisel (Nobel Prize laureate, survivor), at the Auschwitz death camp. Yesterday, at Toronto's memorial, the Keynoter was Leslie Meisels (survivor and author: 'Suddenly the Shadow Fell') As we recall how low society can bring itself, let's commit to serve, together, to only make our world a better place, for all who are in it. Paul

R.I.P. Mark Yarnell - an inspiration, guide and mentor to thousands. Now his legacy is ours to continue. Just days ago on a personal call, Mark and I were enthusing how we are empowering a mutual colleague. For those who also had the honor to know and work with Mark, his leadership in Nuskin and Qivana are legendary and his book "Your First Year in Network Marketing (1998)" is still a must read. Paul

This is may be one of the most powerful pictures I have ever seen. The numbers on the arms are from prisoners of Nazi concentration camps (numbers replaced names so that they could be easily tracked by the Nazis). This is why we study history, so this never happens again. Paul

Remembering my late Grandfather for all the awesome times we shared. Now, so many years later, you are still a role-model, inspiring me with many positive learnings that continue to serve me to empower others. I love you Zaidie! This picture is of the first time he was able to hear on the phone, using a then new audio amplifying device I got for him. Paul